From the birth to the evolution of mathematics

From the birth to the evolution of mathematics

To know everything about the history of mathematics , how about flashing back to antiquity?

Mathematics and its role in Antiquity.
The first discoveries of mathematics come from Antiquity.

The Egyptian people would be the first to have used mathematics. During the excavations carried out in the 19th century, mathematical objects and pedagogical resources of incalculable value for the teaching of mathematics were found, which demonstrates their ability to solve, above all, equations and carry out exchanges (mental calculation, multiplication, division , subtraction, addition …).

Later, in the time of Plato, Thales or Pythagoras (famous authors of theorems), arithmetic is theorized .

The proximity of algebra will take place in Alexandria (4th century BC)

Basic mathematics came to light with Euclid, Archimedes of Syracuse or even Apollonius of Perga.

Who gave life to Euclidean geometry , the study of the circle, static mechanics or the Archimedean thrust force. This last discovery allowed the construction of great ships in Antiquity.

Trigonometry arises with Ptlomeo, Pappo and Hipparchus: relationship between angles and distances in triangles.

Later, the mates live a period of neglect, until the Arabic numeration in the 11th century. In the 15th century, the appearance of the sum as we know it, with its + and -, comes from Jean Widmann Edmer.

The 17th century is the golden age of mathematics:

  • Earth’s attraction is discovered when an apple falls on Isaac Newton’s head ,
  • The analytical geometry of René Descartes,
  • Blaise Pascal’s probability calculus ,
  • Newton’s infinitesimal analysis.

Euler studies functions in the 18th century. Lagrange works on variations and fluid mechanics. But what has happened in the last two centuries? The theory of numbers has advanced, idem, in terms of the distribution of prime numbers, electricity and new sciences appear (topology, differential geometry or algebraic geometry) …

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