Mates: how to choose the basic material?

Mates: how to choose the basic material?

Whether you are studying at school or in high school, the material for math classes is very similar. But in high school you may have to renew this material. Often times, it wears out with use and over time.

Master the circles with the compass
The compass is another essential element in math and drawing classes

To help you choose your math supplies , here are some tips.

Choosing a ruler is a delicate operation, or almost … The ruler will not only accompany you in math classes, it will also be an indispensable tool, along with pens, in any subject .

In history, geography, art or English, you will have to use the rule to underline titles. The best advice we can give you is to avoid buying a metal ruler at all costs . Not only because it makes a lot of noise if you drop it, but also because being opaque it is not very comfortable to measure the figures in math.

Then comes the dilemma between buying a squad. It is perfect for drawing lines, perpendiculars and parallels , and also for measuring, just like a ruler. The square is a must for any mathematician.

To renew your compass , it is better to choose a compass that allows you to insert any pencil or pen.

You will also need to invest in a semicircle divided into degrees. There are other measurement systems, but you will mainly use grades in math classes. Much better the transparent semicircles to be able to enjoy the 180º without problems .

Now you are ready to solve math problems from elementary to middle school!

Also discover why you should request the help of an online math teacher or opt for math courses at home. Mates: how to choose the basic material?

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