How is the affine function defined?

How is the affine function defined?

Understanding the interest and function of an equation is essential to understanding the importance of mathematics. The affine function is part of the principles that make students’ common sense and logic work while simplifying the learning process for all these little mathematicians.

Do you know what an affine function really is? An affine function is a function that, for any number x , associates the number ax + b (where a and b are two known numbers). An affine function, therefore, is a set of values that solve the equation  y = ax + b , in a given interval, and whose graphical representation will take the form of an oblique, increasing or decreasing line.

Learning to draw the line of an affine function on a coordinate axis requires the student to pay special attention to the teacher’s explanations: the complex vocabulary of algebra can make the most distracted students lose themselves in the tidal wave of mathematics. Therefore, it is preferable to participate in solving the basic equations of mathematics.

It will not be necessary to be a true “mathematician” to understand this elementary principle of algebra, because, despite its complex appearance, with one or two sessions of private lessons, the student will be able to apply the formula of the affine function in a natural way without any trouble. We remind you that in Superprof you can contact an online math teacher to help you. How is the affine function defined?

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