What is a Euclidean division?

What is a Euclidean division?

Although mathematics is not your favorite subject, you may have already heard of this fundamental author of mathematics: Euclid.

The Euclidean Division
Why don’t you go over the more complex math concepts as a group?

Euclid , a mathematician of Ancient Greece, developed a concept that will later become essential for mathematics students: the Euclidean division . This very simple principle consists of dividing a natural integer other than zero by another to obtain a result without having to perform the operation on paper.

The interest of the Euclidean division lies not only in the ease of its realization, but also in the possibility of solving it without the help of a calculator . At a time when digital and technological tools are increasingly present in school, as in everyday life, memorizing the principle of the Euclidean division will allow you to develop your intellectual abilities, as well as discover mental arithmetic.

When we talk about the Greatest Common Divisor (GCF), we mean the largest number by which we can divide two nonzero whole numbers by each other. For example, the greatest common divisor of 20 and 36 is 4, since it is the largest number by which we can divide these figures.

This famous mathematical operation is studied in primary school, specifically, on the subject of divisions, but it remains indispensable throughout the entire mathematical journey, up to Baccalaureate. Why don’t you familiarize yourself with this basic mathematical formula from now on?

If you see that you have many difficulties, do not hesitate to take a math course with one of our teachers. What is a Euclidean division?

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