How to avoid blocks in math?

How to avoid blocks in math?

All students, from primary school to high school and beyond, know pertinently how important mathematics is. In the curriculum, but also for professional and everyday life.

The importance of mathematics causes anxiety.
Psychological blocks are common from elementary school through college.

Hence the need to pay attention in math class and listen to the teacher.

Conscious of precisely this importance, mathematics causes panic, anxiety, anguish, panic attacks … In short, what we call the ” fear of mathematics “. To the point of talking about psychological blocks, anxiety problems, panic attacks and panic attacks. Of course, it is far from being pleasant, so we offer you 5 tips to overcome the fear of mathematics :

  • Go to private math classes . This particular type of applied mathematics teaching helps some students overcome the blockage. Thanks to adapted pedagogical resources, the private teacher, who can be part of the educational system or be self-taught (student, engineer …), will know how to overcome and overcome an emotional problem linked to mathematics.
  • Use concrete supports : the fear of mathematics can be solved thanks to an adapted pedagogy and concrete supports. Shaping mathematics through pebbles, objects, pizzas … To understand logic and overcome an emotional threshold.
  • Overcome the anguish of mathematics thanks to a specialized book .
  • Identify the psychological block: block that sometimes comes from a family phenomenon. The math teacher can then become a psychologist.
  • Review the foundations of mathematics : mental calculation, multiplication, decimal numbers, whole numbers, division, bisector, right triangle, isosceles … Thales, Pythagoras’ theorem, symmetry, circle, angle, geometry, trigonometry, algebra, arithmetic, the PAU, the square root … In summary, the fundamental thing to prepare a scientific baccalaureate.

Looking for elementary math classes  ? How to avoid blocks in math?

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