Explanations regarding fear of mathematics

Explanations regarding fear of mathematics

Elementary school, college, high school, or college can sometimes lead to a falling out of love with math.

This is what usually happens when a math lesson causes us anxiety, stress and sadness by not being able to understand it. Some think that trigonometry, algebra, literal calculus, factoring, relative numbers, and other subjects are boring and uninteresting.

What if you like math is just a mental matter? It seems that, indeed, for you to like an affine function, math exercises, geometry, Pythagoras or the circumscribed circumference, you also have to be a sweet dreamer like Albert Einstein was. A rather creative, intuitive student endowed with a spirit of synthesis.

For others, math can hurt! A study has proven that simply anticipating a difficulty in math can turn into pain. Or in an emotional problem, due to the degree of connection of mathematics with painful emotions from the past. How not to mention also the shame that a student can feel, unable to solve an equation on the board.

In short, all this panic, these anxiety problems, psychological blocks, fear of another’s gaze that torments us, inevitably provoke aversion and hatred towards mathematics. Math classes can then lead to crisis of tears, loss of esteem and feelings of sadness. But there are several solutions to help a child prey to this fear and with a block against geometry or algebra:

  • Value the positive aspects,
  • Encourage him in his attempts,
  • Not punish him,
  • Listen to their anguish or fear,
  • Play math games.

What are you waiting for to sign up for a  math course ? Explanations regarding fear of mathematics

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