How to find and select a good eBook page

How to find and select a good eBook page

It is true that you must have certain computer knowledge when downloading books or any other file from the Internet, since viruses are always lurking, but it is quite simple.

You will find many pages to download eBooks. A good page should offer a lot of diversity of books and have a well-organized and regularly updated repertoire. And if it is referenced by the Ministry of Culture or writers and editors, all the better.

In short, good pages have a lot of variety of books and good references . It’s all you have to keep in mind.

reading advantages
Currently, the youngest are abandoning paper to read e-books.

How to download e-books: How to find and select a good eBook page

When you already choose the page that you think does not carry any risk, you only have to download books and read them.

To download them, you have two options:

  • You can go directly to a database to download it through a direct link . In two clicks you can download the file. You only have to open it, but beware of viruses.
  • If you do not want to risk downloading books on “pirated” pages, we propose a list of pages where you can download free eBooks in a totally legal way : Lektu, La casa del libro, Hundred Zeros, and Google Books.  How to find and select a good eBook page

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