Easy to read books

Easy to read books

When we want to learn, enrich ourselves and absorb the vast Spanish linguistic culture, it can happen that we do not know where to start.

Here we give you some ideas for perfect books to start or continue with the reading activity.

Jules Verne’s work to learn to dream: Easy to read books

Do not wait any longer to improve in Spanish by reading the work of Jules Verne, the scientific novels of this visionary who was ahead of his time: From the Earth to the Moon , Around the World in 80 Days and, of course, 20,000 leagues underwater travel .

They are reference works with which you can learn new words and expressions and understand this literary style. Dare to embark on their adventures.

reading advantages
In bookstores, you will find many interesting readings.

The Harry Potter saga to keep dreaming: Easy to read books

More contemporary, the Harry Potter saga has broken sales records and has had a great cultural impact . It has been the masterpiece of JK Rowling. The action takes place in the present, in our time, so it is ideal for young people.

The style is simple (except for the magic vocabulary) and very accessible to all readers, hence the great success of this saga unprecedented in history and world literary heritage.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Although less widespread, The Alchemist is an essential reading of which 95 million copies were sold in the 1990s. This book by the Brazilian writer is a must-read to improve in Spanish. No more no less.


Today, we must know how to adapt to the times in which we live and to the evolution of technology. Reading has also evolved thanks to electronic books , which can be downloaded on the Internet. These books are the reading of today, but especially of tomorrow. Easy to read books

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