How to learn mathematics in 2nd year of high school

How to learn mathematics in 2nd year of high school

2nd year of high school is an important and decisive year! Students should not wait until the middle of the school year to start studying, but rather anticipate high school lessons.

The math 2nd degree is a subject that requires some time to understand and master all kinds of exercises in each subject. Probability, arithmetic, exponential function, logarithmic function, limits of functions, trigonometry, differential equations, algorithms, limits of sequences … The program is long, so it is important to  start studying from the beginning of the course.

The number of hours of mathematics in 2nd grade depends on the branch you choose. For example, 2nd year high school students in Humanities do not have mathematics as a compulsory subject, but it can be chosen  as an elective . However, it is a compulsory subject in both Science and Social Sciences.

Pass mathematics in 2nd year of high school
Personal study is very important.

Whatever the branch of high school,  math lessons are learned both in class and at home .

Paying attention in class is essential to following the program correctly and not getting lost. Most of the work is done in class by asking the math teacher questions.

Of course, you also have to go back to studying the lessons once at home. You should reread the lessons and do the exercises done in class again to make sure you understand everything perfectly. You can also look for more math exercises in your textbook or on the Internet or use online math courses. The exams from previous years of selectivity are also a great way to prepare for this important exam.

Lastly,  summary cards are one of the best ways to work  on a regular basis by synthesizing math lessons effectively to retain what is most important. They will serve you both for the baccalaureate exams and for selectivity.

In 2nd year of high school, it may also be useful for some students to turn to a private teacher to benefit from tutoring classes and to catch up ( Pythagoras , Thales , tangents, etc.).

Mathematicians, college students, or passionate mathematicians, home math teachers help students understand math lessons and apply them. It’s also a great way to  set a work schedule outside of school hours. How to learn mathematics in 2nd year of high school

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