How to learn Spanish in Spain when you are a foreigner

How to learn Spanish in Spain when you are a foreigner

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Is it possible to learn Spanish when you are a foreigner?
Spanish classes for foreigners: free solutions
Can you take Spanish classes for foreigners online?
Spanish classes for foreigners: the best applications
For a foreigner, learning the Cervantes language can be essential, especially to live in Spain.
How can you do it easily and improve your language level effectively?
Spanish classes for adults,
Mobile applications to learn ELE …
With or without a budget, we are going to take a tour of the different solutions to learn to speak Spanish when you are a foreigner.
How can you master the language to speak Spanish fluently on a daily basis? Discover our tips and improve your language skills in Spanish.


Is it possible to learn Spanish when you are a foreigner?: How to learn Spanish in Spain when you are a foreigner

When discussing foreign languages ​​that are difficult to learn, students often mention:
the Arab,
the Chinese,
the Japanese,
the German.
Actually, it all depends on the linguistic roots of the person! Because although it is often said that Spanish is a particularly difficult language to learn, it is usually easier for those who speak a Romance language than for others. Therefore, the French, the Portuguese or the Italians can learn to speak Spanish much faster.

However, Spanish has several major difficulties: How to learn Spanish in Spain when you are a foreigner

a dense conjugation,
two genders (male and female) that make students sometimes confused,
a grammar that most Spaniards do not even know by heart,
And a very rich vocabulary!
Despite its difficulties, obviously everyone can learn to speak Spanish . And why not take Spanish classes for foreigners to achieve it?

Spanish classes for foreigners: free solutions

If you need an accompaniment in your learning of Spanish, then the most convenient thing is to  take classes in a language school or private classes of Spanish as a foreign language.  The only disadvantage is that these classes are paid.

Why don’t you take ELE classes in an association?

Depending on your situation, you may not have the budget to finance Spanish classes and make rapid progress. In this case,  even without spending anything, there are solutions to take Spanish classes for free .
You can contact the associations  that offer Spanish classes for foreigners . They are usually the only structures that carry out free Spanish learning workshops. The associations work thanks to the help of volunteers, who have the necessary skills to work as Spanish teachers.
Their missions are varied, but the associations that deal with the foreign public most of the time carry out Spanish language  workshops or literacy classes  to facilitate the integration of foreigners. They also participate in the fight against illiteracy, since the language barrier is a great obstacle to creating a social bond, but also to integrating professionally.
To take Spanish classes in an association, you have two possibilities. You can contact with:
The main national or international associations such  as FEDELE (Spanish Federation of Associations of Schools of Spanish for Foreigners) and ASELE (Association for the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language),
Local associations . If there is an association in your city that offers classes in Spanish as a foreign language, you can inquire at the town hall.
If you are  in Spain for postgraduate studies , you can also ask your center to find out if they offer ELE classes for foreign students. There are many universities and colleges that run workshops for international students.  The goal is to better integrate them and help them improve their language practice so that they will be successful in their academic year.

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