How to put your name blank in WhatsApp so that none appears

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How to put your name blank in WhatsApp so that none appears


We are going to explain to you how to put your name blank in WhatsApp , putting the name box blank so that no name appears at all. WhatsApp will always ask you to put a name so that other people can identify you in groups and conversations, but there is a little trick to leave this box blank.

The trick is pretty straightforward, although it will require you to copy and paste something from an external page. We are going to explain how to do it from WhatsApp Desktop with some changes that also apply to mobile, although later we will explain how to do it from mobile is exactly the same.

Put your name blank on WhatsApp Web

The first thing you have to do is enter WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop, connecting your mobile if you did not have the session started. Once inside the client, click on your profile photo at the top left to access your profile.


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A column with your profile information will open on the left side of the screen. In it, click on the edit your name button , which is that pencil icon that appears to the right of the Your name field . This will make you able to edit the name you have set, and these changes will be applied to the mobile application.

Now, you have to enter a Unicode code website to copy the transparent box code . Don’t worry, we make it easy for you. What you have to do is get on this website , select the blank box that appears between the quotation marks as you see in the capture, and copy it to the clipboard with Ctrl + C . You can also copy the blank box below.

Now, what you have to do is paste this transparent box code in your WhatsAppname , as if it were what you are going to use as a name. Normally, putting it once is enough, but if it fails you can put it two or three. As you can see on the right side of the screenshot, your name will no longer be visible in conversations, it will be as if you did not have one. These steps are the same if you want to use WhatsApp Desktop or Web .

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In addition, in the WhatsApp mobile app what you have to do is exactly the same . You will have to enter your profile, click on the option to edit it, and replace your name with the Unicode code . It doesn’t matter if you do it on Android or iOS, it will work the same on both.


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