How to study Spanish Language of 3rd year of ESO

How to study Spanish Language of 3rd year of ESO

Third of ESO marks the end of the first cycle of ESO, so it is crucial. You have to have  a good level of the Spanish language  and a good critical sense to think for yourself.

3rd year ESO language
Discover the classics of Spanish literature.

Objectives and requirements of 3rd year ESO Language

In Language of 3rd ESO , new notions are reviewed or discovered:

  • Word families,
  • The nature of the words (adjective, adverb, names and nominal group, prepositions, etc.);
  • Adjectives: qualifying, possessive, demonstrative;
  • The types of sentences (simple sentence and compound sentence, affirmative sentence, negative sentence, interrogative sentence…);
  • Types of speech (direct and indirect style);
  • The relative subordinate clause;
  • The order of the CD and CI in the verbal sentence;
  • Conjugations, etc.

The subjects of Language of 3º of ESO require mastering reading, grammar, spelling and vocabulary. They aim to write a coherent text and introduce students to  artistic and cultural movements from the Middle Ages to the 18th century.

How to study

To pass the Spanish Language and, more generally, 3rd year of ESO, the participation of all (parents, teachers and students) is required.

As for the student, this is the stage of his life in which he prefers to go to play soccer with his friends instead of reading a novel by Lope de Vega or Calderón de la Barca. But you have to be able to do both:  work hard and also enjoy your favorite hobbies. That is why we can study by setting rewards: after summarizing the lesson, studying a topic or understanding the figures of speech, go for a walk with your friends!

On the other hand, online lessons are a gold mine for doing homework and studying all subjects. Thanks to the Internet, students can even take free language tests to assess their knowledge of the subject.

If you need help to progress, you can take private lessons with a teacher . Why don’t you take a look at the Language teachers present at Superprof?

In summary, these are  our tips to pass the 3rd year ESO language :

  • Study several times a week,
  • Make diagrams of complicated notions,
  • Be patient and motivated,
  • Make summaries,
  • Read (books, newspapers),
  • Organize your work,
  • Study regularly,
  • Identify your type of memory: visual or auditory memory? How to study Spanish Language of 3rd year of ESO

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