Second year ESO language: what are the difficulties?

Second year ESO language: what are the difficulties?

In Language of 2nd year of ESO , the school program evolves towards the objective of a correct and precise use of the Spanish language.

How to study Language
Why don’t you play chess after going through each topic?

This new level of education is accompanied by a greater difficulty for the students: a deep study of the language, following the knowledge of the 1st year of ESO, and the introduction to the authors of Spanish literature.

To pass the subject, some will have to take intensive courses during school holidays or take private classes at home with Superprof throughout the school year, to avoid at all costs the traumatic experience of repeating the course.

To get good grades in 2nd year of ESO (dictations, written expression or conjugation), parents and teachers must  provide children with difficulties with personalized school support and help them write review cards or summaries .

Having them read books on topics that your child especially likes can be an excellent strategy to overcome their difficulties when studying Language: for example, detective novels, fantasy literature, science fiction … Even if they are not compulsory readings, they will help them develop their vocabulary . They can also stimulate your children’s imagination and creativity.

There are two other alternatives to improve the marks in Language of the 2nd year of ESO:

  • Do exercises online :
    • Easy Classroom
    • Language in Secondary
    • All Inclusion
    • ClassroomPT
  • Take classes with our private teachers : the student will be able to benefit from a  personalized follow-up , an adapted methodology and a methodological teaching to pass 2nd grade language.

This way you can avoid being overwhelmed by the inexorable advance of the school rhythm! Second year ESO language: what are the difficulties?

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