Language classes for children: what online tools can I use?

Language classes for children: what online tools can I use?

As we have already said, it is essential to acquire a good command of the mother tongue from the earliest childhood. The advantage we have today is that the Internet has many tools to help children improve their language skills . For the little ones to learn language, the most effective way is to make them have fun.

PetraLingua: Language classes for children: what online tools can I use?

PetraLingua is a website for language courses (German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc.) designed for the little ones in the house to learn.

This website can be used by people who want to learn Spanish as a foreign language in an entertaining and interactive way, but it is also an appropriate resource for Spanish children who want to review spelling, expand their vocabulary … A subscription is enough to access the online courses.

Primary world: Language classes for children: what online tools can I use?

A perfect website for children of all primary grades, since the exercises and games are divided by levels and topics. On this page they will be able to review grammar rules, expand vocabulary, improve their spelling, practice their reading comprehension and improve their written expression.

All the activities have been designed so that children learn in an easy and fun way. Children assimilate knowledge much faster if they do it having fun.

The YouTube channel of Jesús Chacón Chaparro or Eduteca

In this channel you will find a large number of videos for primary school children to learn or review everything from calculation problems to social or natural science topics, including word stress. These are very short videos, with illustrations and text, which allow you to follow the explanations in a clear and guided way.

The Eduteca channel, for its part, follows the same line. Use colorful videos and the most varied themes. Another very useful resource for the little ones.

Babyradio podcast

On this website you will find a large number of podcasts that will help the little ones to develop a good oral comprehension. In addition, if you take the opportunity to talk with them about what they hear on podcasts, you will also help them develop their oral expression. A 2×1!

What we like most about these programs is that they develop education in values ​​and help them expand their general culture.

Superprof’s online platform

The League of Superprofes
Instead of the Justice League, we present you the League of Superprofes, always ready to help students in need!

If in spite of everything, the children do not advance, perhaps you should stop thinking about it and look for a good private teacher who will give them a personalized accompaniment. Our platform has more than a million private teachers willing to help all students with learning difficulties.

The advantages?

  • It is easy to use,
  • it is free to use,
  • teachers are the ones who set their own rates,
  • the search is done with filters of matter and city or region,
  • parents or students are the ones who choose their teacher,
  • Classes can be face-to-face or remotely (by webcam), both individual and collective.

Who doesn’t need a Superprof? Language classes for children: what online tools can I use?

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