Language classes to help children in primary school?

Language classes to help children in primary school?

It is never too early to start taking language classes ! Many Superprofes are eager to help your little ones, so do not hesitate to take a look at our platform and find a good teacher.

A worrying school delay

Despite the efforts of the Ministry of Education, statistics show that there are still many children with problems who find it difficult to pass primary education and continue ESO without great difficulties.


Reading helps children improve academically.
Reading assistance can prevent school delay.

Almost 20% of Spanish children do not manage to finish primary school before the age of 12 and arrive at high school with large knowledge gaps in reading, writing and calculation, which makes their passage through ESO even more difficult.

Despite these academic delays, what is clear is that children must learn to read: reading is an essential skill! The literacy rate in Spain is not yet 100%, so there is still a long way to go. Without the ability to read, children will not be able to receive good training. It is an essential base.

Fill the gaps of the children: Language classes to help children in primary school?

Some children have trouble learning to read and write. If the methodology and pedagogy used by teachers do not suit their needs, there is the possibility that they will follow an online language course to fill their knowledge gaps and develop their skills.

In fact, a good command of the mother tongue is essential for communicating orally and in writing. To help a child acquire the basics of the language , you should not hesitate to hire a private teacher who respects the national education program and makes him advance according to his level and difficulties. A good teacher will have a structured, guided methodology and will proceed through very clear stages, offering a constant and adapted rhythm. The objective is that their behavior and their pedagogy have a direct impact on their progression. Demand and communication are the basic characteristics of every good teacher!

Diplomas and certificates are not compulsory to give private language classes to primary school children, but it is clear that good training will serve as a guarantee of quality. Ideally, meet with the teacher before the first class to ask about his experience, his methodology and see if a good connection is created between him and the student. After all, classes are still interpersonal relationships, which develop much better and are much more effective if the people involved connect and create a bond of trust and understanding.

There is no miracle method for children to learn . Let the teachers associate oral and written expression and put their methods into practice so that the little ones can improve. Of course, do not try to overload some children who already have learning problems with many other hours of added stress. It is better to take advantage of the weekends, that they have a rested and open mind, than to force them to take private language classes after the long school days. Language classes to help children in primary school?

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