Learn ELE with the Instituto Cervantes in America

Learn ELE with the Instituto Cervantes in America

We know that in South America Spanish is the language par excellence, but what if you live in Brazil? What if you are an American? Do not worry! The Cervantes Institute is also very present throughout the American continent .
With more than 200,000 students each year, the Instituto Cervantes is already known throughout the world for its entire history. In fact, a few years ago, in 2005, he received the Prince of Asturias Award in the category of Communication and Humanities. So why not benefit from all the years of experience and renown of this institution?
Spanish can help you find a job.

Instituto Cervantes in Brasilia: Learn ELE with the Instituto Cervantes in America

In the Brazilian capital, the Instituto Cervantes organizes face-to-face courses of different levels, as well as distance courses, private lessons, intensive courses and preparation sessions for official exams. Take this opportunity to certify your command of the Spanish language.

Instituto Cervantes in Seattle: Learn ELE with the Instituto Cervantes in America

In the heart of the University of Washington campus is the Aula Cervantes de Seattle. In addition to offering a wide variety of Spanish teaching programs, official exam preparation and courses, they contribute by supporting other educational institutions.

Learn Spanish with the Instituto Cervantes in Africa: Learn ELE with the Instituto Cervantes in America

On the African continent we also find a large number of Instituto Cervantes centers in different cities: Rabat, Dakar, Tangier, Fez …

Cervantes Institute of Algiers: Learn ELE with the Instituto Cervantes in America

In the capital of Algeria, as in the rest of the country, mainly Arabic is spoken, although also Berber in the north. And although 70% of the population speaks French to some extent, more and more people are interested in discovering the Spanish language. So why not do it with the Instituto Cervantes?
In addition to language courses, you can sign up for a film projection in its original version, a literary recital or a dance workshop.

Cervantes Institute of Dakar

The capital of Senegal, located on the Cape Verde peninsula, is especially known for its ” rally “. If you live in the country and want to discover the Spanish language, you can visit and request information at the headquarters of the Instituto Cervantes in Camp Jeremy, next to the Cheikh Anta Diop University (UCAD), which was founded just 10 years ago, in 2019.
Discover our offer of Spanish classes for foreigners in Barcelona.
Learn ELE with the Instituto Cervantes in Asia and the Middle East
In Asia, Oceania and the Middle East, how could it be otherwise, we also find many Instituto Cervantes centers. From Australia to Japan, through South Korea or Lebanon.
Get to know the Caribbean thanks to your command of Spanish.

Instituto Cervantes in Seoul

The Instituto Cervantes is the world’s largest institution dedicated to teaching Spanish, and its influence has reached cities as far away from its country of origin as North Korea. Do you want to live the day of the dead? Then sign up for its cultural activities and enjoy it as if you were in a Spanish-speaking country!

Instituto Cervantes in Amman

The Instituto Cervantes took its first steps in Amman, the capital of Jordan, in 1994, a few years after it was founded in Spain. He began assuming the tasks of the old Institute of Hispanic Culture of the city, which had been in the country since the 1950s. If language classes are boring, we encourage you to immerse yourself in the Hispanic language and culture through of the different activities organized by the Institute, such as the lute recital by Alaa Saheen, who will perform flamenco pieces in the center, or the screening of some other short film in original version, such as “Los amores cowardes”, a Spanish production from 2018 .
We have no doubt that one of the best ways to learn a language is to fully immerse yourself in it and its culture . But as you can see, if you don’t have the opportunity to travel to a Spanish-speaking country, don’t worry, you can also enjoy this immersion experience in your city. You just have to find a Cervantes Institute center and sign up for their classes or cultural activities.

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