Learn mathematics to manage the domestic economy

Learn mathematics to manage the domestic economy

Have you finally finished your studies and are you more than happy because you will never have to touch mathematics again? What if we tell you that mathematics will continue to accompany you throughout your life?

Although we do not use trigonometry or differential equations in our day to day, mathematics is still present at every step we take: for example, when managing our budget .

There are different computer programs and applications for Smartphone that will help you in these steps, but if you do not know how to create coherent calculation formulas, you will not get very far.

Give math a second chance.
Does mathematics make you desperate? Give them another chance.

In which areas of our daily (adult) life is mathematics most important?

  • Daily budget management : know in advance how to plan your budget, how to distribute expenses or save money, etc.
  • Carrying out projects: asking for loans, making real estate purchases, organizing vacations… For all of this you have to be able to compare and plan for the long term. Some mathematical formulas will allow you to make the best decisions.
  • Tax payment: To cover the income statement we can use our mathematical knowledge to calculate our taxes and get certain tax advantages.
  • Create a company: every entrepreneur, as a manager, must have certain specific skills in mathematics to carry out a project or ensure that his company has a good perspective for the future.
  • Understanding the world economy: And, in a way, also the world around us. The stock market, finances, the economic programs of politicians … Throughout the day we hear about hundreds of different figures. To see and understand them clearly, it is best to have certain mathematical notions.

Still not very clear about the importance of mathematics? We will tell you all the tricks in our private math classes madrid . Learn mathematics to manage the domestic economy

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