The importance of discovering numbers and calculation

The importance of discovering numbers and calculation

The learning of mathematics is part of one of the fundamental teachings in the National Education programs.

As we have seen, the discovery of calculus and mathematics is essential for the correct cognitive development of children.

From their early childhood education stage, children approach some of the greatest mathematical notions with a pedagogy adapted to their age. By having fun and playing, children learn:

  • To discover the numbers and what they are used for.
  • Explore shapes, sizes, and how to organize them.

Starting in primary school, the mathematics program focuses on 3 main areas. The teacher teaches his students:

  • Basic numbers and elementary calculations.
  • The sizes and measurements.
  • Space and geometry.
Mathematics and education.
Maths are the foundation of education around the world.

In later mathematics courses , students acquire certain mathematical notions in which they will deepen later.

Assimilating all these concepts will allow them to develop a logical spirit and good reasoning skills. Thus, they will immediately understand how addition, subtraction, multiplication and division work.

Mental math is also very important. This allows children to better understand the numbers and how they work.

Essential elements for your academic stage.

Many students in Primary and Secondary have difficulty understanding mathematics. Therefore, it is essential that teachers are able to adapt to the age of each student, explain, teach, help them review …

Mathematics can seem very abstract if we do not relate it to something that we know, something that is part of our day to day. Thus, it is very difficult for students to understand and be interested in them.

Anyway, do not worry, if you are parents the most important thing is that you support your children in their learning. Use concrete cases to explain the mathematical concepts that are more complicated for them , in this way they will better understand the logic of the concept and they will memorize it more easily.

Mastering the basics, they will be able to follow later courses with ease , especially when other related subjects come into play, such as physics, chemistry, technology or economics. The importance of discovering numbers and calculation

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