Mobile applications to improve in Spanish

Mobile applications to improve in Spanish

Spanish apps
Take advantage of the time you spend in public transport to improve in Language.

In order to study anywhere, educational mobile applications have been developed to learn Spanish while having fun. Thus, whether Spanish is your native language or if you are studying Spanish as a foreign language, you will only need your mobile phone!

Available on all platforms (Android, iOS and Windows), these ludo-educational applications dedicated to learning Spanish are more numerous than it seems.

This is the reason why the Superprof team has made a selection of the best mobile applications to improve in Spanish .

Spelling apps: Mobile applications to improve in Spanish

  • The foul hunters . For children. It is about finding out by means of clues how the words are written correctly.
  • Mouse . For children from 6 to 8 years old. Letters and words must be placed correctly so that, when the mouse passes, it does not fall
  • 94 seconds . For adults. You have to answer as many questions as possible in less than 94 seconds.
  • Tales of the Brothers Grimm . You have to correct mistakes to learn spelling through reading.
  • Librotecstar spelling course . Helpful resource for reviewing spelling rules.
  • Spelling tips . Collection of fifty-three sets of rules carefully classified into six main categories

Grammar apps

  • Spanish Grammar offers you 342 exercises organized by grammar topics and level, and will help you improve your grammar, your spelling and your vocabulary.
  • Morphosyntactic analyzer . Application to review grammar and analyze all kinds of sentences: from those already selected and classified by the tool itself, to those that the user wants to write.

Conjugation Applications

  • Spanish verb conjugator
  • Spanish verbs
  • VerbForms

With these three applications, you will be able to conjugate any verb in Spanish , without the need for an Internet connection! Mobile applications to improve in Spanish

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