Progress in mathematics during the 4th year of ESO

Progress in mathematics during the 4th year of ESO

The 4th year ESO math program is quite demanding. Students must  get used to a new rhythm  and classes require greater independence on the part of the student. The work that is required at home is more important than in previous years to correctly complement all the classes.

Mathematics in 4th year of ESO is a subject that requires many hours of study. Functions, geometry, statistics, probability, trigonometry … The 4th year ESO program can sometimes be complicated.

So how can you progress and not fall behind in the program during the year? Mathematics requires special attention. Students must pay close attention in class if they do not want to lose the thread.

Pass mathematics in 4th of ESO
Pay attention in math classes!

Good advice:  listen to the class fully . Although it may seem complicated at times, learning mathematics is done mainly in class. Memory preserves most of the lesson by listening to the math teacher .

There are also questions to be asked and   feel free to participate  in your math classes. This is how the teacher will correct you or explain a theorem if necessary.

However, listening in class is not the only condition for progressing in mathematics in 4th ESO; you also need to  work outside the classroom.  For example, you can redo the math exercises that have been seen in class with the teacher. It’s a great way to make sure you understand the lesson.

You will find more exercises in math textbooks at the library or on the Internet. It is up to you to practice to deepen and perfectly master the mathematics of 4th ESO.

But once you acquire the knowledge, you must know how to put it on paper during an exam, and this skill is not available to everyone. Some students  do not know how to manage their time  and lose half or more of the test points.

Therefore, you must learn to manage stress  to organize yourself well. The time allotted for the exam must be divided among all the exercises according to the points they provide. Don’t waste more than half an hour on a 0.5 point exercise.

And if necessary, turn to a private teacher. Math teachers at home are usually passionate about the subject and will guide you to learn mathematics with a good methodology; If you prefer, you can also search for a math teacher online . Progress in mathematics during the 4th year of ESO

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