Sing the math to review

Sing the math to review

Learning while having fun can be done in different ways. While some like to spend time playing mobile apps, others prefer a good movie shoot. But there are still many other ways to  learn math without getting bored : music!

Art has a reputation for being useful for learning. That’s why toddlers spend a lot of time painting or drawing. But they also spend a lot of time singing and learning nursery rhymes.

Best math songs
Plug in your headphones!

Singing is a great way to start learning math. Music is governed by various mathematical processes and calculations; mathematics is used to calculate rhythm, tempo, etc. But besides that, the music, and especially the songs, help to remember the somewhat complicated lessons .

Multiplication tables, subtractions, fractions, equations, geometry … It is not easy to retain everything. Songs allow you to memorize specific theorems or numbers like Pi, for example. Although the latter there is no reason to memorize it either, since it is integrated into calculators. However, lessons in general are best remembered with songs.

The melodies are usually very simple to remember  and the lyrics come by themselves once you learn the melody. To memorize them, you just have to  listen to them regularly,  like once a day, for example. Record them on your mobile and listen to them on public transport or with friends.

Like summer hits, you’ll automatically remember the songs on test day. From elementary to high school, the songs are effective for all levels.

You can even make up your own song  if the math topic you need to review doesn’t have a song yet.

Whole numbers, decimal numbers, algorithms, addition, vectors, mental calculation, arithmetic, Pythagoras, relative numbers, proportionality, sum, cosine, symmetry, inequalities … You will be able to review all the math exercises that your teacher sends you!

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