School counseling: why resort to reorientation?

School counseling: why resort to reorientation?

Reorientation due to academic problems

In Spain, many students are forced to repeat due to academic difficulties .

School orientation.
A student who is motivated with his studies will always be more constant.

However, in most cases, it is not a question of the student’s personal competencies , but of poor orientation. The high school students and high school and their parents can carry out an effective reorientation through a concise personal project and that suits their personal goals.

The reorientation is not a systematic solution . Sometimes, a greater involvement and motivation on the part of the student is enough to guarantee academic success. To counteract school failure and poor academic results, students can, for example, take private lessons with a private teacher.

On the contrary, if the situation is not unblocked, students and their parents will have to proceed with a reorientation of general, technological or vocational secondary education.

Students who have a disability or phobia, or who suffer from a serious illness, may end up dropping out . This will require an active reorientation with a counselor specialized in this problem.

Finding the way and guaranteeing academic success is possible thanks to an effective reorientation adapted to the student’s profile.

Reorientation due to lack of information

Do you want to join a university study plan or a course in Secondary or Baccalaureate, but you do not know the training offer?

Many students abandon their studies due to ignorance of student life or the content of one or another branch of specialization . Find out about career opportunities, pass rates, or hours to avoid feeling disoriented.

These are some of the options you have when choosing an educational center :

  • adult education centers
  • vocational training centers
  • private, public or subsidized secondary education centers
  • universities

Don’t forget that academic success also means knowing yourself.

To choose between two branches of expertise, you will have to start by identifying your own tastes and preferences. Therefore, if you don’t know yourself well on a personal level, you will have to resort to retargeting.

With a free orientation test or competency report, high school and high school students will learn to build their self-confidence and personal motivation. School counseling: why resort to reorientation?

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