School support vs. School orientation

School support vs. School orientation

For many parents, tutoring classes are essential in their lives, either because their children cannot pass math or because it is difficult for them to do their homework. Going to an academy to receive reinforcement classes avoids many problems: suspense, obviously, lack of discipline and / or motivation and possible school dropout. As we have all gone through some subject that we were choking on, even getting completely demotivated, over the years more and better school support and guidance programs have been created.

But what is the difference between the two? Well, school reinforcement is, as its name suggests, reinforcing the weaknesses of the students in the subjects that create problems for them, whatever they may be, through classes where the teacher helps the student to carry out their homework and resolve any doubts they may have. may arise. It is proven that attending reinforcement classes improves not only grades, but also the attitude and safety of our children.

Regarding school guidance, perhaps oriented to somewhat more “delicate” situations, it is designed for those students who either do not find the inspiration or the desire to study, so they start to miss class or stop studying, or because they have concentration problems or disorders such as ADD or ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder). In that case, it is very beneficial to go to a professional who provides school guidance not only to the student but also to the parents, who are often lost in situations like this. School support vs. School orientation

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