Who is the school orientation aimed at?

Who is the school orientation aimed at?

Do you want to enjoy the advice of an educational professional?

Tutorials and school counseling sessions.
Even the brightest students have a hard time deciding their futures – trust a guidance specialist!

In Spain, all adolescents can attend free school counseling sessions provided by both the tutor and the counselor in schools.

It doesn’t matter what your dilemma is – you’ll easily find an educational counselor to talk to.

The educational approach seeks essentially to guide individuals in the processes of:

  • Self-knowledge and reconstruction of one’s own personality
  • Personal integration into relationship groups
  • Personal organization of attitude towards learning
  • Problem solving and life project

Another possibility is to turn to a private teacher specialized in educational guidance.

At Superprof, there are hundreds of qualified and experienced teachers who advise students and organize personal and group interviews to carry out a personalized orientation based on the student’s profile. The average rate for one hour of school orientation at Superprof is € 12: it takes between two and three sessions to define your future educational project well.

Join the university you want and build the professional future you dream of thanks to the advice of our experts in school guidance.

Find the best school guidance websites on the internet . Who is the school orientation aimed at?

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