School guidance: how is it developed?

School guidance: how is it developed?

“Genius resides in instinct”, Friedrich Nietzsche

Most of the time, the first contact with a guidance counselor or an educational psychologist takes place in class.

Find your vocation.
To find the path that best suits you, start by learning to know yourself.

Many centers organize active orientation sessions with all the students in a class, especially from the 3rd year of ESO. It is time to ask yourself a series of questions about your future in the company of a specialist in the field.

Later, during the Baccalaureate, various orientation talks are organized, not only in the institute itself, but also in visits to universities, so that students know well what are the possible ways to follow.

However, you can also go to the counselor to conduct a personal interview and find out which studies and which job are the most appropriate based on your own profile.

Did you know that you can take a school orientation test ? School guidance: how is it developed?

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