The list of never solved problems in Mathematics

The list of never solved problems in Mathematics

The teaching of Mathematics allows, first of all, to acquire the basis, but also and above all, to adopt a mathematical mind.

Some have a more literary profile and will use math only in everyday life.

Those most passionate about the subject may want to make it their profession and therefore dedicate their life to Mathematics.

If this is your case, you could be passionate about the list of never solved problems in Mathematics .

In fact, there are many unsolved problems on the part of mathematicians because they have not yet managed to find the answer.

Mathematical problems never solved
Computers are not capable of solving the problems of the millennium!

Among them, we find the seven millennium problems defined by the Institut Clay in the year 2000.

Solving one of these problems could win you a million dollars:

  • the Riemann hypothesis
  • Hodge’s conjecture
  • the Birch and Swinnerton conjecture. Dyer
  • the Navier-Stoke equation
  • Yang-Mills equations

The seventh problem, the Poincaré conjecture, was proved by Grigori Perelmann, a Russian mathematician, in 2003.

There are still six to be solved!

But among the complex problems that are still looking for solutions, we also find the Ramsey numbers and the Lychrel numbers (with the famous palindrome, hard to find, of the number 196).

In order for you to prepare yourself to overcome these challenges in the best possible way, first, you will need to acquire the basis of Mathematics , and of course, the methodology of solving a problem.

Also, a math tutor will greatly contribute to your future success.

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