The number Pi and its role in the most beautiful mathematical formula

The number Pi and its role in the most beautiful mathematical formula

When talking about mathematics, it is impossible to ignore the number Pi . Although today the number Pi can easily be summed up as 3.14, this number has fascinated and captivated mathematicians and scientists since ancient times .

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The number Pi, a mathematical constant that has its own official day, 3/14 (March 14 in American date).

In mathematics, the number Pi is used to calculate the volume of a sphere or the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

The birth of this number dates back to ancient times, where scholars and mathematicians of the time approached the study of the number Pi to determine the most representative value possible. It was not until Archimedes and his essay On the Measure of the Circle that the approximation we know today was achieved: 220/71 <Pi <22/7 .

More than 2000 years after Archimedes’ discovery, this mathematical formula is still used. And although today’s computers are capable of calculating thousands of decimal places of the number Pi, the figure nevertheless remains a mystery. It is a myth in the world of mathematics, science and technology .

Almost 4000 years after its discovery, the value of Pi is one of the fundamental knowledge of mathematics . It is a mathematical formula that is taught from a very early age in school: from college to university studies in specialized mathematics, passing through the baccalaureate of science.

But why this fascination around the number Pi? It is a number that hides many secrets and mysterious properties:

  • The number Pi is irrational : it is impossible to write it as a fraction due to its infinite decimal places.
  • The number Pi is transcendental : mathematically speaking, the value of Pi cannot be the solution to any equation. But in theory, Pi is directly related to various mathematical constants, like the Fibonacci sequence, for example.
  • The number Pi is approximate : since it is impossible to define the exact value of Pi, its value is approximate but, paradoxically, it allows very precise calculations to be made.
  • The number Pi is everywhere : in addition to its omnipresence in geometry, the constant Pi is widely used in statistics and probability.

Its omnipresence in the world and in science makes the number Pi one of the most important mathematical constants for researchers and mathematics enthusiasts. It is everywhere: in trigonometry, geometry, physics and chemistry, biology, etc.

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