Tips to be a better reader

Tips to be a better reader

Reading in a correct way is not achieved in any way; there are tricks, methods. Although the student’s work in class (school work) often focuses on the content of the texts, we will see that the content is not the only determining element. We give you some tips to read more effectively .

Does posture matter? : Tips to be a better reader

Reading posture is almost as influential as reading itself . The idea is that during your reading sessions, you are in the best physical and mental condition. Therefore, you should avoid reading lying down. Why? Because reading lying down can cause physical problems : problems in the neck, back, neck. It is not ideal for preparing for an exam or reviewing for a control.

Therefore, you have to adopt a good posture when reading: with your back straight, preferably sitting. It is the best for the brain to store the largest number of notions, data, intellectual resources.

Being alone when reading so as not to lose concentration

When you want to make progress in the Spanish language, concentration is important, hence the interest in reading alone, without noise or other sounds that distract you. It is difficult to achieve today, but when you do, you will see its advantages.

Whatever you read (novel, articles, class notes, brochure, writing …) or the objective of the reading (linguistic improvement, written comprehension, oral comprehension), you must read in a quiet environment, with no one to help you. may disturb .

It is the ideal to concentrate and escape completely, to be to the maximum of your possibilities to get the most out of what you are reading.

reading advantages
Gathering optimal reading conditions is the recipe for it to be effective.

The advantages of the electronic book

Today, we can enjoy all the advantages of electronic books over traditional books:

  • You can change the font size and type of the book you are reading, making it larger or smaller depending on your tastes so as not to strain your eyes too much. You can also choose the orientation: portrait or landscape.
  • When you open the book you are reading again, it opens directly to the last page you read the last time, so you don’t have to worry about looking for where you left off.
  • If you do not know the meaning of a word , you have the option to select it to open the dictionary, which will show you its meaning. Wikipedia will even open if there is an article about the word you have selected.
  • Electronic books are cheaper than paper books and, in addition, they do not need natural resources, unlike traditional ones, which require paper.
  • The battery lasts for weeks and the screen doesn’t have to strain your eyes, since you can also regulate the brightness of the screen.
  • In the same device you can store thousands of books , which you can buy in a single click.
  • You can underline the phrases that you like the most or that you want to remember, check them in the folder called “My clippings” and share them on social networks. Tips to be a better reader

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