Websites to learn Spanish for free

Websites to learn Spanish for free

As soon as we consider the possibility of learning a new language, our first reflex is to jump to the computer, open our browser and consult the entire offer of free teaching web pages on the Internet. Without a doubt, digital learning becomes our first option.

Search until you find your ideal method.
Browse the net well until you find the method that most convinces you.

To learn Spanish, the best thing we can do is look for the best sites to learn free online. Here we leave you some of the most used:

  • ClassroomEasy
  • ProfedeEle
  • Lengalia
  • On-Spanish

These pages allow students to:

  • Master the basics of Spanish grammar.
  • Know the adverbs, conjugate the verbs (conditional, present perfect, past imperfect, etc.), the agreement between nouns and adjectives, etc.
  • Improve your spelling and writing comprehension.
  • Expand your vocabulary and your command of phrases and expressions from everyday life.

More and more young people decide to study Spanish, which is why free learning web pages receive so many visits. It is clear that Spanish is not an easy language to learn and web pages allow:

  • Test our language level.
  • Do entertaining exercises to learn while having fun.
  • Perfect our grammar, written comprehension, conjugation, spelling …
  • Learn idiomatic expressions.
  • Prepare Spanish level tests (such as DELE).

What other pages allow us to learn for free?

  • : a mainly free learning method, with writing exercises, short lessons conducted by native speakers.
  • Aprenderespañ

Last but not least, we cannot forget that YouTube offers a large number of videos and specialized channels. As an example: Tio Spanish or Your Spanish school. Websites to learn Spanish for free

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