Use poetry to teach language classes

Use poetry to teach language classes

Many people from all over the world want to learn Spanish to be able to appreciate the texts, films or music produced in our language. To learn Spanish as a foreign language, there are many resources to turn to, and, without a doubt, poetry is one of the essentials.

Poetry is very demanding, but it allows us to gain a very deep understanding of the language in question. For this reason, verses occupy such an important place in schools on the national scene, since they are used to enrich the minds of students.

Learn the history of the language to understand it better.
To learn a language, there is nothing better than immersing yourself in its history.

When we talk about learning poetry, we do not think of forcing anyone to write Alexandrians. No way! The study of metrics is very good for developing intelligence. In addition, learning a poem and reciting it allows us to improve memory, as well as our ability to express ourselves. Use poetry to teach language classes

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