What are multiplication tables?

What are multiplication tables?

The multiplication tables constitute a fundamental mathematical principle for all Primary students in Spain.

Many of us know them by heart because they are an essential pillar for understanding basic mathematics.

There are numerous mnemonic methods for memorizing them . Perhaps the most famous is that of the table of 9: where we lower our finger according to the number that is multiplied. For example, to calculate 9 x 3, we lower the third finger; the remaining fingers on the left will be the tens and the remaining fingers on the right will be the ones. So we find that 9 x 3 = 27.

The concept of multiplication tables has been a challenge for many educators over the years. New tricks and techniques are emerging every time to help children retain the tables in memory. To choose the correct method, it will be enough to try several and know the student’s profile well : if the student has a visual memory, it would be better to use the memory cards or  flashcards , as they will help them learn the tables in a matter of weeks.

However, there are also applications and educational programs for the computer that help when facing the multiplication tables in daily life. Choose the method that suits you best to approach math with confidence!

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