Mathematical definition: what is algebra?

Mathematical definition: what is algebra?

To know the origins of algebra , one of the most studied subjects in the field of mathematics, we will have to go back to antiquity and Ancient Egypt.

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However, we will have to wait until the 20th century for the modern principles of algebra to appear . Actually, the term “algebra” refers to the mathematical branch that consists of solving a problem using precise symbols to generalize the mathematical results.

We use letters (the most used is usually “x”) to determine figures and unknowns . Using letters can scare students; however, this practice is actually used to facilitate the resolution of both basic and complex mathematical problems.

The future mathematician will have to memorize the rule of priorities , which is basic to solve any algebraic problem. According to it, the priority is the brackets, then the parentheses, then the powers, the products and the divisions and, finally, the addition and subtraction.

Through work and concentration, algebra will become an integral part of young math students’ knowledge. Mathematical definition: what is algebra?

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