Where can we find a free online guidance counselor?

Where can we find a free online guidance counselor?

do not leave aside an issue as important as your future
You cannot leave your future to chance.

Guidance is a very important issue for the Ministry of Education, which is why it has made several free guidance resources available to citizens. And forget about that being free it is of worse quality.

Decide your orientation thanks to Educaweb: Where can we find a free online guidance counselor?

Through its page you can find out about all kinds of degrees, fields of study and possible career opportunities. Also, by registering on the page, they will be able to guide you according to your interests and abilities.

The main functions of this page are to inform students about all the educational information they may require, answer specific requests for information, or even guide them personally towards a true future professional project.

The coaching in orientation DigiSchool

The Digischool platform offers free orientation coaching for all those students who are looking for information about different careers or about a possible training to take at the end of Baccalaureate, to see which is the most appropriate for each student.

You also have a test available that offers you to enter into direct contact with the universities or you can even benefit from the advice of an expert orientation coach .

A very favorable point is the ease of use, it is enough to register as a high school student, Baccalaureate or other studies (professional training, University, training modules …)

Online Guidance Counselors: Uveni

It is a web platform promoted by three young people from Granada (Maciej Strzyz, Julio Heras and José M. Morales). Backed by more than 18 schools and 1800 students, this platform has content reviewed by both counselors and psychologists. The objective of this platform is to encourage the student himself to make decisions based on an internalized knowledge of what his strengths and weaknesses are.

Teachers on this page can access all relevant information about classes and individual student groups in just a couple of clicks. This information is presented graphically to help better understand trends and thus reinforce the most critical aspects. Where can we find a free online guidance counselor?

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