1 \ Introduction to Revenue Management

1 \ Introduction to Revenue Management

Revenue Management concept. Origin and history. Basic concepts. Hotel Revenue Management process diagram. Trends.

2 \ Benchmarking, segmentation and forecasting: 1 \ Introduction to Revenue Management

Analyze and understand the current situation, environment and competition: benchmarking. The importance of segmentation in Revenue Management. Budget and forecast or forecast.

3 \ Capacity optimization and RM tools: 1 \ Introduction to Revenue Management

Resource and product capacity management. Capacity optimization. Indicators and internal tools of hotel Revenue Management. Revpash: main indicator in restoration.

4 \ Hotel pricing

Price analysis and tariff barriers. Hotel pricing concept. Determination of the price. Rate structure in hotels.

5 \ Trends in distribution, loyalty and marketing

Trends in distribution. Marketing and online marketing strategies. Current importance of Revenue Management. Customer loyalty.

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