1. Introduction

1. Introduction

Internet, web pages, web sites and browsers. Visual perception of content. Design and aesthetics. Structure, standards and usability.

2 \ HTML: 1. Introduction

Introduction to the HTML language. Necessary tools for web creation. HTML structure. Tables, forms and lists. Links. Completing our travel page.

3 \ CSS3: 1. Introduction

CSS. Syntax. Structure the rules in the style sheet. Main CSS and CSS3 properties. Examples

4 \ Design and Aesthetics: 1. Introduction

Design and aesthetics. Origins of visual communication. Design and aesthetics on the web. Applying the fundamentals of design to the web environment. Layout.

5 \ Web Publishing

Basic concepts. Websites. Online publication. Practical example.

6 \ Web Optimization

Web optimization. Responsive web. Code validation. Search engines.

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