1 \ Visual Basic.Net

1 \ Visual Basic.Net

Visual Studio .NET environment. Practices, applications for Windows. Object-oriented programming. Fix and debug bugs. ADO.NET database access.

2 \ Visual Basic.Net Advanced: 1 \ Visual Basic.Net

Basic programming. Windows forms. ADO.NET data access. .NET Advanced Aspects.

3 \ Java: 1 \ Visual Basic.Net

Introduction to Java. Object-oriented programming. Graphical interfaces.

4 \ Object-oriented analysis and design | UML: 1 \ Visual Basic.Net

Introduction. Methodologies for the generation of object-oriented systems (OMT, Booch and OOSE). UML Basic and advanced notation. UML, Object Oriented Development. CASE tools. Practical case.

5 \ ICT project management

Introduction to project management. The participants in the project. The life cycle of projects. The project documentation. Management areas. Software project management. Project management fundamentals according to the PMI PMBOK guide.

6 \ Interface design and development

Introduction. Design principles. Planning. Other planning. Development strategy. From functionality to coding. Integration testing. Design and layout. Theory of color. Composition of the application. Usability and accessibility. Interface programs.

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