1 \ Introduction to the company and its sports management

1 \ Introduction to the company and its sports management

  1. Company concept
  2. Evolution of the term company
  3. Evolution of the theory of the firm
  4. Modern organization theory
  5. Employee participation
  6. Company and entrepreneur
  7. Commandments for a competitive company
  8. Structure of an organization
  9. Types of organizations
  10. Planning and goal generation
  11. Concept and purpose of planning
  12. Management concept
  13. Production in the company
  14. Production types
  15. Activities within production management
  16. Production and service management procedures
  17. The human factor in the company
  18. Sports management models
  19. Models and forms of sports public management
  20. Advantages and disadvantages of the different sports public management models
  21. Types of sports associations
  22. Trends in sport management in the future

2 \ Strategic planning in sports entities: 1 \ Introduction to the company and its sports management

  1. General concepts on strategic planning and changes in the sports model
  2. The analysis and diagnosis of the sports entity
  3. SWOT analysis
  4. The mission of an entity or sports center
  5. General objectives or “political” objectives
  6. Strategic objectives
  7. Projects and programs in a sports organization
  8. Monitoring the strategic plan
  9. How to start?

3 \ Typologies and practical applications of strategic planning

  1. Strategic planning of a private, non-profit sports center
  2. Municipal strategic planning, city of more than 100,000 inhabitants
  3. Federative strategic plan

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