1 \ Strategy and digital transformation

1 \ Strategy and digital transformation

What is digital transformation? How do big companies prepare? What sectors are the most affected? We will develop this and more information in this module:

  • Introduction to digital business.
  • Client briefing to resolve during the course.
  • A new context: digital transformation overview and by sectors
  • Digitization of products and services.

2 \ Design Strategy: 1 \ Strategy and digital transformation

Help students to think like strategic designers when facing a new project:

  • Introduction to strategic design: origin and applications, design as a work mindset, design and complexity management, methodology.
  • Strategic design in practice: analysis and understanding of the challenge, generation of opportunities, ideation and conceptualization.

3 \ Marketing plan: 1 \ Strategy and digital transformation

You will learn from practice how to develop a strategic marketing plan.

  • Digital marketing plan: the four efes and project practice

4 \ Technology: 1 \ Strategy and digital transformation

You will discover what the technologies are, their definition and terminology when developing a digital strategy.

  • Frontend and backend technology, interfaces and devices, content management (CMS)

5 \ UX applied to digital business: 1 \ Strategy and digital transformation

Definition and methodology of UX applied to digital businesses.

  • Research techniques on user experience. Interaction design. Games and gamification
  • Design of services
  • Wireframe and prototyping

6 \ Mobile: 1 \ Strategy and digital transformation

The use of mobile phones is growing every day and in this module we will go into detail so that you learn how to use the tools and tactics that are best adapted to this device.

  • Development process, keys to take into account to develop an app, publication, ASO and marketing tools.
  • CRM & MKT automation

7 \ SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search engine optimization or search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of different search engines. In this module you will learn its methodology, trends and use of tools.

  • Technical SEO. Fundamentals at the content level
  • Offpage factors: quality signals. Dashboards and KPIs. Amazon Search

8 \ SEM

SEM (Search Engine Marketing), refers to the possibility of creating click ad campaigns on the internet through the most common search engines, such as Yahoo or Google and other search engines.

  • Keywords Selection
  • Concordances and negatives
  • Campaign Structure: Account, Campaign and Adgroup
  • Bidding Strategies: Real CPC, Maximum CPC
  • Quality Score
  • Writing ads, extensions and dynamic inserts
  • The importance of a good Landing Page
  • Budget selection and campaign timing
  • Reports and KPIs
  • Other possibilities of Adwords: Youtube, Shopping, App Campaigns, GDN and Remarketing

9 \ Finance

The basic concepts of finance are essential to be able to develop a digital business.

  • Understand an income statement, balance sheet, current …

10 \ Paid Media

In the last 4 years, the digital advertising market in Spain has almost doubled.

  • The paid digital media ecosystem. Media technology and data ecosystem: DSPs, Adservers …
  • RTB and programmatic
  • Social Ads
  • Affiliation, emailing, reports and KPIs

11 \ Social Networks

Social networks are great allies for digital strategies, customer acquisition and digital brand generation.

  • Community management and content creation and distribution.
  • Social Analytics and Social Support
  • Social CRM and social commerce and automation CRM and MK

12 \ Digital Analytics and Big Data

Big Data is a booming technology that allows the management and analytics of large volumes of data through algorithms.

  • Introduction & Technological bases of measurement
  • Definition of KPIs & Dashboards
  • Web analytics tools (Google Analytics)
  • Other tools (dashboarding, tracking campaigns …)
  • Introduction to Business Intelligence & Data Mining
  • Big data Real examples of use

13 \ CRO

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimizationm) is the methodology that allows the optimization and improvement of a web or mobile application.

  • What is CRO? Because it is important?
  • Technology in CRO. Technological stack and its implementation
  • Statistics and metrics in CRO
  • Costumer journey and qualitative analytics
  • Test AB, Multivariate and Bandit testing
  • Future of the discipline

14 \ Blockchain technology and future

  • What is Blockchain technology and why many believe it will change our lives?
  • Decentralized applications and ICOs, the power of decentralization
  • Application to business models

15 \ E-commerce

E-commerce or electronic commerce is a method of buying and selling goods, products or services using the internet as a medium, that is, trading online.

16 \ Cybersecurity

This module tries to provide some basic concepts in cybersecurity and to know real problems and technological solutions that help to secure any commercial transaction on the Internet. Concepts will be learned during this module.

  • Use of basic security mechanisms (strong passwords)
  • History of some of the most notorious attacks in computer security
  • Who are we up against?
  • Some types of most common attacks on the internet
  • Defense mechanisms
  • Cybersecurity, basic definition
  • Protect Information
  • Impact from having an attack
  • Confidentiality, Authenticity, Integrity, Availability
  • Basic notions of Cryptography and digital signature
  • Cybersecurity, fundamental in the means of payment
  • GDPR
  • Application of everything learned in the Master’s Briefing »

17 \ Entrepreneurship

What is entrepreneurship? What does it take to be an entrepreneur? You will discover these answers in this module.

  • Entrepreneurship

18 \ Future trends

New cloud-based services, methodologies oriented to the development of digital products and services.

  • New work methodologies (agile)
  • New value propositions (SAAS … etc)

19 \ Skills

Professional tools and skills that will enable you to lead digital projects.

  • Present effectively
  • Develop creativity
  • Empower leadership

20 \ Project presentation

  • Final presentation of the students’ projects.

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