Audiovisual Direction Course

Audiovisual Direction Course

Become one to direct your own audiovisual projects and lead a team of professionals

description: Audiovisual Direction Course

Do you dream of seeing how your audiovisual project comes true? 

With the Treintaycincomm Audiovisual Direction course you will prepare to professionally shape films, series, webseries, products for new platforms, advertising … You will learn to understand all the elements and equipment that are part of audiovisual creation, to coordinate and direct them . All this from a creative vision and with its own style.

Classes are telepresence . In them you can interact with your teacher and your classmates to answer questions and share ideas . You can join them from any device and place with an internet connection. In case you cannot see them live or want to review something of what has been seen in them, the recordings  are uploaded in their entirety to the virtual  learning platform .

You will have at your disposal specialized and experienced teachers in their professional area, all the audiovisual material with cinematography professionals and live classes.

course objectives: Audiovisual Direction Course

  • Learn language and audiovisual narrative
  • Acquire knowledge about the materials and techniques of recording equipment, as well as manageable post-production tools for own projects
  • Differentiate the different possible technical teams taking into account the most used technologies in the sector
  • Learn to develop a work, giving it your own creative vision and professional treatment
  • Know the history of cinematography and approach the cinematographic and television genres
  • Know how is the audiovisual production process, from the preparation of the shoot to its realization, to be able to control all the details of the same, and know how to direct the actions and solve the problems.
  • Plan and carry out the phases of a project in pre-production, production and post-production.
  • Approach the work of a screenwriter to be able to contribute an authorial vision as accurate as possible to the project
  • Learn to analyze the new markets, media, narratives and audiences of contemporary audiovisual production

Virtual campus: Audiovisual Direction Course

  • Attend live telepresence classes and ask your teacher.
  • Access all the sessions already recorded if you have not been able to attend or want to review.
  • Take your exams and self-assessments online.
  • Discover complementary video material.
  • You have a calendar of events related to your training and constantly updated.
  • Contact directly with your tutor and with the specialist teacher to ask questions.
  • You have at your disposal the Quality and Technical Service departments.

Practical Face-to-Face Workshops

The course guarantees up to 300 hours of practical face-to-face workshops. A great opportunity to apply your knowledge, add a professional experience to your resume and expand your network of contacts.


At the end of your course at TreintaycincoMM you will obtain the following qualifications :

  • TreintaycincoMM’s own title:   Audiovisual Direction  (600 hours).
  • Business internship diploma.

In addition, the student will receive the following complementary diplomas :

  • The diploma of the chosen language.
  • Accreditation of the Occupational Risk Prevention course (basic level) (40 h).

Professional outings

You will learn everything you need to master audiovisual directing and you will be able to apply for positions such as:

  • Director
  • Assistant director
  • Executive Assistant
  • Camera assistant within the photography direction department

teaching materials

  • Telepresence classes in the areas of: digital education, ICT in audiovisuals, Personal Branding, initiation to web design.
  • Telepresence classes in the areas of: job orientation, English and occupational risk prevention.
  • Seminars in the areas of: English and job orientation (subject to availability according to delegation).
  • Training in Occupational Risk Prevention (independent evaluation) (40 hours).
  • Training in English with preparation for official Cambridge and Oxford exams (12 months) or access to the Tell Me More platform of the chosen language.

* The training program is subject to possible modifications and / or updates if these are necessary.

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