Audiovisual Script Course

Audiovisual Script Course

Get ready to direct audiovisual projects from start to finish and become a production expert

description: Audiovisual Script Course

Series, films, advertisements, programs, video clips … The script is the basis of all audiovisual production, the backbone of each story. Is your dream to be a professional screenwriter? This Treintaycincomm training   is for you!

With this Audiovisual Script course you will learn to gain fluency in the use of contemporary audiovisual language and narrative, to develop ideas for fiction and non-fiction, to stand out with your creations, etc.

Classes are telepresence . In them you can interact with your teacher and your classmates to answer questions and share ideas . You can join them from any device and place with an internet connection. In case you cannot see them live or want to review something of what has been seen in them, the recordings  are uploaded in their entirety to the virtual  learning platform .

You will have at your disposal specialized and experienced teachers in their professional area, all the audiovisual material with recognized professionals such as Eligio Montero and direct resolution of doubts.

course objectives: Audiovisual Script Course

  • Know the audiovisual language and the narrative, expressive and semantic function
  • Learn what montage is and how it affects the construction of a film, creating new meanings and innovative forms of language
  • Mastering and internalizing the dynamics of the audiovisual market, both classic and newer formats
  • Know the sector that surrounds the script of audiovisual products and transmedia content
  • Get closer to the team of professionals who work to turn a script into an audiovisual work
  • Learn to use technological programs that facilitate the development of the script: writing and drawing programs
  • Control all phases of creation, from the synopsis to the artistic treatment, through the literary script and the technical
  • Know the panorama of film and television financing in Spain, from the most practical and up-to-date point of view possible
  • Study where the market is going and be creators of updated content and directed to the right audience

Final project: Audiovisual Script Course

Once the theoretical part of the course is finished, you must carry out a final project proposed by the teacher and you will be tutored by him at all times. You can choose between two options:

  • Write a script focused on a television show 
  • Write a script focused on cinema

In both cases, you will have to write the literary, technical and story script. The objective is that in the previous practical exercises you are already outlining the characters or arguments of this final project.

Virtual campus

  • Attend live telepresence classes and ask your teacher.
  • Access all the sessions already recorded if you have not been able to attend or want to review.
  • Take your exams and self-assessments online.
  • Discover complementary video material.
  • You have a calendar of events related to your training and constantly updated.
  • Contact directly with your tutor and with the specialist teacher to ask questions.
  • You have at your disposal the Quality and Technical Service departments.


At the end of your course at TreintaycincoMM you will obtain the following qualifications :

  • TreintaycincoMM’s own title:   Audiovisual Script  (400 hours).

In addition, the student will receive the following complementary diplomas :

  • The diploma of the chosen language.
  • Accreditation of the Occupational Risk Prevention course (basic level) (40 h).

Professional outings

You will learn everything you need to master the audiovisual script and you will be able to apply for positions such as:

  • Freelance scriptwriter
  • Freelance writer
  • Creator of new audiovisual formats for the internet (web series, video clips)
  • Screenwriter for television or film fiction
  • Screenwriter of non-fiction projects
  • Script analyst / script doctors
  • Showrunner / script coordinator

teaching materials

  • Training in Occupational Risk Prevention (independent evaluation) (40 hours).
  • Training in English with preparation for official Cambridge and Oxford exams (12 months) or access to the Tell Me More platform of the chosen language.

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