Can you be a photographer without studies?

Can you be a photographer without studies?

Although studies can be reassuring, especially to be sure you  master the technical background of photography , they are not essential, in the sense that no one will ask for your title to work. Therefore, you can be a professional photographer without having any title .

But not having a degree does not mean that you do not have to train in photography:

  • Start by  acquiring good photography equipment : a digital SLR, some lenses, a tripod and other accessories (bag, strap …),
  • Learn the fundamentals of photography –  there are many tutorials available on the internet, often free of charge, on exposure, light metering, speed, aperture, and sensitivity,
  • Apply the composition rules of a photo:  the rule of thirds invites you to divide your image into 9 rectangles. The idea is not to center the main subject of the image, but to place it in one of the 4 intersections of these rectangles. The golden ratio is another rule of photography, a little more difficult to capture,
  • Practice! Once you know the basics, there is no secret: you have to practice Never go out without your camera and take pictures of everything you see.
Studies in photography
If you don’t have your camera handy, use your phone and let your creativity run wild!

Of course, knowing how to take photos is one thing, but pursuing it professionally is another. To become a professional photographer, you must make contacts: photographers, clients, models …

You have to know how to sell yourself! Can you be a photographer without studies?

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