Course for opposition of Troops and Sailors

Course for opposition of Troops and Sailors

Successfully pass the Troop and Seamanship entrance exams and get your permanent place in the army with this preparation course

description: Course for opposition of Troops and Sailors

With the oppositions for Troops and Sailors you can join the  Armed Forces . Access to any of the branches of the army gives you the possibility of making a career as a military or having preference in accessing other positions within the  State Security Forces.

With this preparation you can guarantee your professional future in a future job with great social relevance.

Prepare your oppositions and get one of the 3,650 fixed places that have been published for 2020 and form part of the Armed Forces of the Spanish State.

access tests: Course for opposition of Troops and Sailors

To be part of the Troop and Sailor, it is necessary to pass the following tests:

  • FIRST PHASE: Course for opposition of Troops and Sailors

  1. Assessment of academic and military merits by accreditation.
  2. Multiple choice test that will measure your verbal, numerical, spatial, mechanical and perceptual skills; as well as memory and abstract reasoning.
  • SECOND STAGE: Course for opposition of Troops and Sailors

  1. You will have to pass a medical examination that will determine if you are considered “Eligible” or “Unsuitable”.
  2. If you pass the medical examination you will have to pass a series of physical tests.

previous requirements: Course for opposition of Troops and Sailors



Have  Spanish nationality .

Foreign persons who have valid permits and any of the following nationalities may also contest: Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

  • AGE

Be between  18 and 29 years old  (and not turn 30) at the time of joining the military training center.


Lack of  a criminal record  and not have open as a processed, accused, investigated or indicted, any judicial proceeding for malicious crime.

Not be deprived of civil rights.

Not having been separated by disciplinary file from the service of any of the Public Administrations, the constitutional bodies or the statutory bodies of the autonomous communities. Nor must he be firmly disqualified from the exercise of public functions.


Possess the necessary psychophysical aptitude, which will be verified through the tests that are determined in this call.


Be in possession, at least, of a graduate degree in Compulsory Secondary Education or its equivalents. Foreign degrees, diplomas or studies must be homologated to Spanish degrees.


Not to be a soldier of troops and sailors with a commitment in force or to be undergoing the military training phase.

His commitment as a trooper and sailor has not been resolved.

Not having withdrawn from any phase of the military training education.


Minimum height  of 160 cm in men, 155 cm in women and not exceed 203 cm in height.

Lack of tattoos that contain expressions or images contrary to constitutional values, authorities or military virtues. Marks that are derogatory to the uniform or that may undermine the discipline or image of the Civil Guard.

Obscene reasons or incite discrimination of a sexual, racial, ethnic or religious nature.

Tattoos, rings, spikes, inserts, self-mutilation or similar that could be visible wearing the different types of uniforms of the Armed Forces.


teaching materials


  • Personalized training   tailored to your specific physical needs. A  Personal Trainner keeps  track of your workouts and motivates you to achieve the  marks  you need to pass your opposition.



  • You receive  nutritional advice  from a  specialist  in Dietetics and Nutrition to  optimize your physical preparation.



  • Preparation for the last phase of the opposition. We give you the keys you need to improve your  oral expression  and  non-verbal communication. You put everything you’ve learned to the test in a  simulated interview  with an  exam expert .



  • A specialist teacher guides you and gives you all the keys and tricks to  get the most out  of these two programs.



  • They are essential for the preparation of an opposition! You will learn from  how to exercise your memory  to the best techniques to learn entire chapters of a book.



  • A specialist teacher performs real psychotechnical tests live and explains  the logic  of each exercise.

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