Different Spanish dances

Different Spanish dances

Spanish dances are known all over the world for their sensuality, their emotionality and their technique.

Flamenco crosses borders and has fans all over the world.
There are many dances in Spain, but flamenco is the best known internationally.

are known for the beauty of their movements. In addition, they have a specific dress code depending on the region of origin of each one.

The best-known style internationally is flamenco (which they enjoy a lot in other corners of the planet such as Japan); but there are many others.

These are some of the Spanish dances that can be learned in music and dance schools:

  • The flamenco.
  • The soleá.
  • Fandango.
  • The zarabanda .
  • Bolero.
  • The doll.
  • The Spanish ballet.
  • Etc.

In Spain we are lucky that we can learn any of these folk styles first hand.

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