Digital Innovation Center

Digital Innovation Center

Digital Innovation Center

Digital Innovation Center

Training for digital professionals

Digital Innovation Center is committed to specialization, professionalization and quality in the digital sector.

His master’s degrees combine digital transformation and teaching to promote the professional growth of his students, convinced that the new market rules require more competent profiles.

Educational model of this center: Digital Innovation Center

The educational methodology of the Digital Innovation Center is based on active learning , supported by three fundamental pillars, divided into different percentages:

  • 40%  of  Cases to solve , learning by making mistakes.
  • 40%  of  Teamwork with tools to participate and act.
  • 20%  of  Flipped Learning , with theoretical foundations, conceptual base and debates.

Advantages of Digital Innovation Center: Digital Innovation Center

Digital Innovation Center is characterized by great arguments when highlighting the benefits of its studies:

● Professionals active as teachers . Digital Innovation Center is characterized by its teaching team, which includes recognized professionals from leading sectors in the digital environment (Inditex, Vodafone, Amazon, NH Hoteles …). Its lessons and syllabi are strongly linked to current events in the sector, characterized by its constant updates and fluctuations.

● Methodology 100% practical and immediately applicable to the business . The Digital Innovation Center teaching system is based on active learning

● Alliances with industry leaders.  Digital Innovation Center has some deeply rooted studies with companies. An example of this is his master’s degree in Google Marketing Platform, Google’s professional suite, which includes a visit to its offices in Madrid to see first-hand how this tool works.

● Subsidized studies.  Regardless of the type of company and its number of workers, Digital Innovation Center masters can be rewarded by companies. According to data from the State Foundation for Employment Training, during 2019 more than 98,000 companies have invested in training credits for their workers.

What courses does this center teach?

The training offer of the Digital Innovation Center is mainly  focused on masters focused on different subjects and disciplines of Marketing and the digital sector .

Who are these studies for?

The training offer of this center is mainly focused on students and professionals linked to the digital world and the online marketing sector. Its students, regardless of their professional background, must be focused on developing a career related to this professional field.

The students of the Digital Innovation Center are usually linked to the field of communication, Marketing, journalism, innovation, IT, entrepreneurship and experts in the digital sector .

Enrollment requirements

At the center level, the Digital Innovation Center does not have any impediment to access its courses . In any case, it will be necessary to check the specific requirements of each course.

The only requirement associated with the nature of their training is that they require face-to-face attendance at their classes in Madrid , taught at the  Glue Work Building  (Calle Edison, nº3, 28006). The class schedule will depend on each training.

Teaching team of Digital Innovation Center

The Digital Innovation Center team is made up of experts from the digital and educational sector , trained to provide their students with a formative vision in specializations of digital transformation.

This center also has an advisory team of professionals with reputable experience in the best companies in the digital field, so that their subjects and syllabi do not lose the pulse with the professional news of the digital world. In addition, there are expert coordinators in each training area of ​​the center.

Where is Digital Innovation Center

This training center is located in Madrid . Its headquarters are located at Calle Cri‌stóbal Bor‌diú, nº1‌‌3 CP 28003, while face-to-face classes take place at its school in the Glue Work Building  at Calle Edison, nº 3, CP 28006.

The contact telephone number of the Digital Innovation Center is 910 882 712.

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