Dubbing Course

Dubbing Course

Learn to enhance your voice and become a professional voice actor / actress

description: Dubbing Course

With the TreintaycincoMM dubbing course you will know what daily work in a studio is like, you will discover the keys and techniques to interpret with your voice and you will enjoy the magic of this profession. You will develop your potential and we will help you to materialize your ideas in real projects. You will become the protagonist of the new generation of professionals in the audiovisual sector .

The e-learning training method   adapts to you, your time, your needs and your schedules. No matter where you are, you set the pace. Total availability, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At all times you will have personalized attention from the teaching team.

The teachers are professionals in the sector who combine their work as a teacher with their active experience in production companies, recording studios and filming. In addition, you will have the support of a pedagogical tutor who will accompany you throughout your training in order to help you achieve your goals. It will adapt to your needs, will support you in your moments of downturn and will be there whenever you need it with a single click.

Webinars: Dubbing Course

In the telepresence classes you will be able to interact with your teacher and your classmates to answer questions and share ideas. You can join them from any device and place with an internet connection. In case you cannot see them live or want to review something of what has been seen in them, the recordings are uploaded in their entirety to the learning platform.

Masterclass: Dubbing Course

Your training includes  masterclasses  given by great and renowned voice actors, such as José Luis Angulo and Roger Pera. They will teach you the best tricks of the profession!

course objectives: Dubbing Course

  • Knowing the techniques dubbing of  Takes  feature films, television shows and cartoons, sound documentary, trailers, television commercials and any other piece of audiovisual media.
  • Acquire the techniques to educate the voice and avoid suffering when exposed to the daily efforts of this work.
  • Learn all the interpretation techniques with the voice and expand the field of work of many professional sectors.
  • Know the types of speech, techniques, training, etc.
  • To become familiar with the daily work in a dubbing studio, the organization of work, the parts of a studio and the equipment, the different professionals involved in each task, etc.

Practical Face-to-Face Workshops

The course guarantees up to 80 hours of practical face-to-face workshops. A great opportunity to apply your knowledge, add a professional experience to your resume and expand your network of contacts.

job opportunities

 This training prepares you to be able to work as a voice actor / actress in:

  • TV and CINEMA
  • Advertising
  • Radio
  • Recording, post-production and special effects studios
  • Film and TV production companies, event producers, etc.


At the end of your course in TreintaycincoMM you will obtain the title of Dubbing (300h).

In addition, you will receive the following complementary diplomas:

  • The diploma of the chosen language
  • Accreditation of the Occupational Risk Prevention course (basic level) (40 h)

teaching materials

  • Telepresence classes: dubbing, job orientation, English and occupational risk prevention.
  • Face-to-face seminars: English and job orientation (subject to availability according to delegation).
  • Training in occupational risk prevention (independent evaluation) (40 hours).
  • Training in English with preparation for official Cambridge  or  Oxford exams   (12 months) or access to the Tell Me More platform   of the chosen language.

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