English gastronomy

English gastronomy

Discover the specialties of English gastronomy ! Often criticized, the English specialties are nevertheless worth it. Let’s go over some must-have English culinary traditions!
The rosbeef
Surely you know the famous rosbeef.
It is roast beef with a Worcester sauce served with potatoes and vegetables.
If you want to impress your guests, give it a try!

The fish and chips: English gastronomy

It is battered fish accompanied by French fries. If you are not on a diet, enjoy yourself!

The Sunday roast:

Served mainly in pubs, it is a dish combined with meat in sauce, potatoes, cheese and cake. To consume in moderation.
Discover the specialties of English gastronomy.

The English breakfast: English gastronomy

If you want to change breakfast and say goodbye to sweet in the morning … why not opt ​​for a typically English breakfast?
Fried eggs, bacon, grilled sausages, toast … One thing’s for sure: you’ll build up energy for the rest of the day!

English desserts

If you want to eat British style, don’t miss their delicious desserts.
Jelly (fruit jelly), Apple pie (apple pie), crumble, not forgetting the famous pudding … you have a choice!
If you like to cook, go for simplicity: you don’t take many risks with the crumble!

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