English pronunciation

English pronunciation

If you want to be a perfect bilingual, learn the different accents in English ! Pronunciation is often one of the biggest problems in learning English. Why not remedy it? The English classesat school they are focused on English conjugation, grammar and vocabulary. With exercises of written or oral comprehension and expression, priority is given to reading and standard pronunciation, but they do not teach you to have a good accent in any way. With your non-native accent, you can actually make yourself understood by everyone. However, it must be recognized that you are far from interesting when you speak English. Why not take some private English classes online or at home? Choose a native English speaking teacher and practice. Exchanging regularly with people whose mother tongue is English will allow you to acquire a good accent. Take an English test to judge your progress in the subject!
Work on your pronunciation and your English accent.
Give preference to the accent you want to perfect: the American, or the British accent?
The American accent is easier to learn, given its greater proximity to the Spanish language.
Also, if you are a fan of American series and movies … You will prefer to develop this accent further to be able to see them in their original version.
The American accent has a peculiarity: it eats the words, the “t” is pronounced like an “r”.

And the British accent?: English pronunciation

It is a more elegant, more refined accent.
Much more difficult to understand and pronounce for followers of the Cervantes language!
Diphthongs (pronunciation of two vowels in one syllable) will complicate your life …
Plosives (accentuation of certain consonants) will add character to your accent.

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