Leading Business School in Rankings that offers MBAs, Masters, Postgraduates and Specialized Courses, both face-to-face and online in marketing, management, new technologies and also specialized disciplines such as HR, logistics, finance, international trade since 1965.

ESIC Business & Marketing School is a leading business school with great national and international recognition. It has a history of more than 54 years training professionals.

One of the main objectives is to encourage, train and maintain a direct relationship with the business environment and thus offer its students a practical academic training, oriented to the needs of the labor market. ESIC provides training with values, training highly qualified professionals with excellent knowledge and mastery of the latest trends.

It has a presence throughout the national territory, since it has 12 campuses in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Malaga, Pamplona, ​​Bilbao, Granada and Galicia) and with strategic alliances in countries such as France, the USA, Germany , Latin America, etc …

ESIC methodology: ESIC

ESIC’s educational model combines  knowledge, values, innovation and experiences . One of the main keys is to teach your students to learn, adapt to changing environments and activate their curiosity so that they do not stop updating, since knowledge is constantly evolving.

The construction of programs that they offer is very oriented to the business reality , combining the most up-to-date knowledge with the key competencies necessary to be able to face the management of a project, department or company. The programs offered are designed on entrepreneurship, internationality, employability and respond to the new professional demands of the environment.

In its desire to provide innovative training aligned with the business reality, ESIC has a training offer made up of University Degrees, Masters and Postgraduate MBAs, specialized courses, training for companies, conferences and seminars that enable the  networking  of professionals, at the time they update their knowledge.

Advantages of studying at ESIC

The methodology developed by ESIC has many advantages valued by its students:

  • Specialization . At ESIC we are leaders in specialized training in management, marketing and digital economy in Spain.
  • International recognition. With an experience of more than 54 years training marketing and business management professionals, ESIC is one of the leading business schools in the national and international market.
  • Specialized teachers . ESIC’s teaching team is made up of professionals who are active in their respective areas of knowledge. The syllabi of each program are prepared and validated by teachers who are up-to-date in their fields and who are valid to access the labor market.
  • Online training . For more than 15 years, ESIC has provided online training in digital marketing and technology and today it has more than 7,000 students. In addition, it offers the possibility of  modular studies with a duration of 3 years  (combining specialized online courses and online higher programs to obtain a higher degree such as Master or Higher Program).

What training does ESIC provide?

ESIC has two modes of study:’ll train you in person at one of its 12 campuses in Spain or through its offering of online training .

  • MBAs
  • Direction and Management
  • Marketing (face-to-face & online)
  • Technology (face-to-face & online)
  • Trade and international business
  • Communication and publicity
  • Human Resources
  • Trade and sales
  • Logistics
  • Finance

Who are these studies for?

The great training offer of this business school is mainly focused on students and professionals of all ages who intend to specialize and improve their knowledge in management, marketing, technology or specialized disciplines in the field of human resources, logistics, finance, international trade. , etc. As of today, ESIC has more than 62,000 alumni from around the world.

ESIC Teaching Team

ESIC has a faculty of more than 2,500 teaching professionals, many of them from public and private companies. The faculty is made up of professionals specialized by sectors, functional areas and with extensive business and teaching experience.

At ESIC they always seek excellence from students and teachers, that is why teachers are recognized people both in the academic and professional world where they hold managerial and responsible positions in national and international companies.

Where is ESIC Business & Marketing School?

The main headquarters are in Madrid and it also has 11 campuses throughout the Spanish territory. In cities like:

  • Barcelona
  • Valencia
  • Seville
  • Saragossa
  • Malaga
  • Pamplona
  • Bilbao
  • grenade
  • Galicia (Vigo and A Coruña)

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