How to become an animal photographer

How to become an animal photographer

We have spoken above the specialization as a photographer. Animal photography is one of them!

There are no specific studies to become an animal photographer . You can take a  standard training  (photography school, university, etc.) and then gain experience yourself and / or find a course with an animal photographer.

You can also learn photography in a self-taught way  and practice  animal photography . When photographing animals, especially wild animals, understanding them and being aware of their environment and way of life can greatly help the photographer. Doing animal-related studies can be very helpful.

However, it is difficult to become an animal photographer and most photographers have other sources of income (either with another specialization or with a totally different profession). In any case, some rules must be respected to do the job well and to take good photos:

  • Study the animal before going to your land,
  • Reflect on the photos you want to take before the session,
  • Be quiet,
  • Do not isolate the animal from its environment,
  • Be patient,
  • Respect the enviroment,
  • Use a long focal length of at least 300mm.
Photography specializations
Make your passion your job.

We advise you to be inspired by the  best animal photographers  who do a great job and are committed to organizations that defend animals and the planet. Jim Brandenburg, Andy Rouse, Peter Cairns, and Suzi Eszterhas are some examples. How to become an animal photographer

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