How to dress for a job interview?

How to dress for a job interview?

“That’s great! I’ve got an interview for next week with an advisory! Great, but what should I wear? “

What clothes to choose for a job interview
We give you the best tips to dress for an interview.

The style of dress was, is and will be for a long time a eliminatory factor that conditions the hiring. According to a survey on the physical appearance of candidates in an interview, 79% of respondents believe that it had an influence on the decision of the interviewer.

In addition to obesity, thinness, height or skin color,  clothing is one of the elimination biases in an interview.

To be successful in a job interview and make a positive first impression, you should not wear caps, sneakers, jeans with holes or faded, or T-shirts.

To  dress before an interview , above all you must bear in mind that clothing differs depending on the type of job you want to get. It makes sense: how is an interviewer going to hire you if you wear a suit and tie for a job in construction, in a bakery or, for example, in the IT and digital communication sector? Conversely, the lack of a suit and tie can be a qualifying aspect to landing a job in banking, finance, accounting, or law.

These are the subtleties of the labor market:  the dress code reflects the culture and life of the company.  It also reflects the human qualities and aptitudes of the candidate: we prefer to interact with a person who cares about their body hygiene rather than with someone who neglects it (or even smells bad), especially to interact with customers.

Keep in mind, however, that  a white shirt and dark-colored pants and shoes would be a good outfit if the company is young and has a fairly informal atmosphere , for example, a startup where everyone is familiar and where the middle age does not. reaches 35 years …

The main thing is to be natural with your clothes: a sober style does not prevent you from giving the impression of being at ease. How to dress for a job interview?

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